On Shetland Sheep…

Shetland Sheep 1927 Breed Standard

Shetland Sheep Society Breed History

Fine Fleece Shetland Sheep Association Article Collection

Includes articles on the polled gene in Shetlands, color genetics, historical background and fleece characteristics.

Fine Fleece Shetland Sheep Association Fleece Grading Chart

On Sheep Health…

Online FAMACHA© System Certification

Vaccinating with CD&T

Comprehensive Information on Coccidiosis

Deworming with Copper Oxide Wire Particle Boluses

Understanding Anthelmintics

On Pasture Management…

USDA/NRCS Environmental Quality Incentives Program

This program provides potential funding for cross-fencing for rotational grazing and water management.

USDA/NRCS Prescribed Grazing Systems

USDA Service Center Locator

Your local service center houses valuable resources from the Farm Service Agency, Natural Resources Conservation Service and Rural Development agencies.